• More photos of the North Coast!

    February 11, 2024
    Some more photos uploaded to my Highlands and Islands Gallery, with photos of Scotland's North Coast and North-West Coast including:Strathy Point Farr Bay Kyle of Tongue Durness and Kyle of Durness Oldshoremore Achmelvich Loch Assynt The 'featured image' of this post is taken…
  • More New Photos!

    More new photos!

    January 10, 2024
    I've got hundreds of photos (if not more!) that I would like to get uploaded to my website and I'm slowly working my way through them. Here's the next batch including some photos from the…
  • New Photos uploaded to the gallery!

    New photos uploaded!

    January 7, 2024
    For quite some time I've been trying to find a good way of highlighting new photos I've uploaded to my gallery and think I've finally found a reasonable way of doing it. So... here's a…
  • Smugmug Tips

    Change colour of Smugmug lightbox

    December 22, 2023
    I'm using Smugmug for the Gallery section of my website, as do many other photographers. The default colour of the Lightbox is determined by the colour that is set as the 'Primary' colour in the…
  • Lockdown in the Old Town

    Lockdown in the Old Town

    April 12, 2020
    A quick evening cycle down the Royal Mile and through Edinburgh's Old Town during the lockdown. This is especially for those who are stuck inside and missing Edinburgh! If you know anyone who would like…
  • Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes changes…

    September 15, 2019
    Just a quick update to let you know what is happening over at Spectacular Edinburgh Photography. Recently I have transferred over hosting of my site from a shared hosting service over to a VPS at…
  • Top Edinburgh Photo Locations

    Edinburgh Photography Locations – Top 10!

    November 9, 2015
    After careful consideration, I’ve put together a short list of my Top 10 Edinburgh photography locations. Edinburgh is a fantastic city for photography and there are countless great photo opportunities around the city. It was…
  • Ben Starav

    Ben Starav at Loch Etive

    October 16, 2015
    Last weekend a couple of friends and I were up in the Highlands getting some photos in the area around Glen Coe. After a long drive down Glen Etive, we discovered the water was completely…
  • Free Wallpapers

    Free Wallpapers!

    October 15, 2015
    Some free wallpapers of Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland for you to download. All are supplied in high resolution (1920×1080) for you to enjoy! Please don’t edit these images without asking for permission. Hope you…
  • 6 Photography Tips

    6 Photography Tips to Improve your Skills

    October 14, 2015
    So you’ve mastered the basics and think you’re doing pretty well? Want to take your photography the next step? Looking for ways to improve? I have a few photography tips here which you may find…
  • Common Landscape Photography Mistakes

    Common Landscape Photography Mistakes

    October 13, 2015
    I do not claim to be a landscape photography expert necessarily but I have been doing this a while and I have learned some things over the years. As with anything we learn through our…
  • The Tolbooth

    The Tolbooth Tavern

    October 8, 2015
    Perhaps one of my favourite buildings in Edinburgh and certainly one of the most unusual…I thought I would make a quick post just to highlight how unique this particular building is and to show it…
  • Spectacular China

    Spectacular China Photography!

    September 23, 2015
    I finally got around to uploading some photos from this summer’s trip to China! If you are interested then please click the image below and it should take you right there! I hope you’re in…
  • New Wordpress Site

    New WordPress Photography Blog

    June 25, 2015
    After much editing and fiddling with code, I’m proud to announce that my new WordPress photography blog is open for business! If you’re on this page, you’re looking at it already! You might ask…'So what?'…
  • Better Rainbows

    Enhance Rainbows with a Polarising Filter

    June 11, 2015
    Rainbows are somewhat of a cliché in landscape photography. However, it is undeniable how they can add interest to a scene that would otherwise be drab and perhaps boring. Sometimes in photos, they will look…
  • Hidden Views of Edinburgh

    Hidden Views of Edinburgh

    May 17, 2015
    There are some views of Edinburgh that are photographed time and time again. They are the views that every tourist has probably seen when they visit Edinburgh, the views you find in postcards and calendars.…
  • Raw vs JPEG

    RAW vs JPEG?

    May 11, 2015
    Just bought a DSLR or have a fancy compact camera? If so, this is one of the questions that you might be asking. Is it better to shoot photos in JPEG format or is it…
  • Three Galaxies

    Deadline News: 3 Galaxies

    January 28, 2015
    I recently had an article written about me and one of my photos on the Edinburgh news website Deadline News. The photo in question was one I had taken of Newark Castle (which is just…