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Free Wallpapers!

Some free wallpapers of Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland for you to download. All are supplied in high resolution (1920×1080) for you to enjoy! Please don’t edit these images without asking for permission. Hope you enjoy these images, feel free to direct others to this page if you think they’d like the wallpapers! These wallpapers are for personal use only!
To download each wallpaper, click on them, wait for the image to load, then right-click and press “Save Image As…”.

Spectacular Edinburgh

Wallpapers from the spectacular city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Hope you like them!

Wallpaper 1 - Evening Sun on Edinburgh Castle - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens (West Gardens) in the setting sun. I love how the light was at the time!

Wallpaper 2 - Summer Sunset behind Calton Hill - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

The sun setting behind Calton Hill, this was taken from the Salisbury Crags.

Wallpaper 3 - Light Trails at Holyrood - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

Light trails on the edge of Holyrood Park, with the Palace on the right side, Parliament in the middle and Dynamic Earth on the left.

Wallpaper 4 - Golden City of Edinburgh - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

A long exposure of the city of Edinburgh one evening, showing light trails around the edge of Holyrood park and the city looking particularly golden!

Wallpaper 5 - The Gardener's Cottage - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

This is the house that used to house the gardener who tended Princes Street Gardens. Also reminds me of a ‘gingerbread house’!

Wallpaper 6 - Greyfriar's Bobby - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

One of Greyfriars Bobby, the famous wee Skye Terrier was said to have spent 14 years at the grave of his owner until his own death. This monument was built in memory of him.

Wallpaper 7 - Princes Street Gardens in the Autumn - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

Autumn might be a wee bit blustery and wet but it’s certainly good for bringing out the colours in the trees!

Wallpaper 8 - Light Trails at Edinburgh's Christmas - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

Edinburgh looks fantastic in the winter, the Christmas market makes for great photo opportunities, I love how the light and a long exposure gives shots of the city like this one.

Wallpaper 9 - A Classic Calton View - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

This is one of the classic ‘postcard’ views of Edinburgh, a photo taken from Calton Hill, looking towards Edinburgh Castle with the Dugald Stewart Monument in the foreground.

The Highlands Of Scotland

A few wallpapers for you from the Highlands of Scotland. Hope that you enjoy them!

Wallpaper 10 - Glen Shiel from Glenfinnan Viaduct - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

This one was taken from the top of the Glenfinnan monument looking along the lengths of Loch Shiel. This is a popular area with tourists due to the natural beauty and also due to the Glenfinnan viaduct which was behind me when taking this- this bridge was featured in the Harry Potter series of films.

Wallpaper 11 - Buachaille Etive Mor from the River Coupall - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

This is a frequently photographed waterfall on the River Coupall (which runs down into Glen Etive). The mountain behind is the famous and magnificent Buachaille Etive Mor (‘Big Shepherd of Etive’). The weather was a lot worse than it looks when I took this one.

Wallpaper 12 - Loch Achtriochtan in Glen Coe - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

Another famous view! This one is looking up the length of Glencoe (from west to east). A stunning area of the country and very popular with visitors! This one was taken from an old wooden bridge at the end of the Loch- it’s not quite as red as it once was!

Wallpaper 13 - Reflections on Glencoe Lochan - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

Not far from Glencoe village is an incredibly photogenic wood located around a lochan and surrounded by mountains. A wonderful spot for photographs

Wallpaper 14 - Kilchurn Castle - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

Kilchurn Castle is a very picturesque ruined 15th and 17th Century castle on a rocky peninsula at the northeastern end of Loch Awe, in Argyll and Bute.

Wallpaper 15 - Castle Stalker - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

Castle Stalker is a four-story tower house or keep set on a tidal islet on Loch Laich, an inlet off Loch Linnhe. Very photogenic too!

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  • Dolores Undasan

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos which I truly enjoyed viewing them.
    Do you by any chance have photos of Fife, Scotland?
    My Scottish niece was born in Fife, Scotland. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much. Some things beautiful are still free! Your gift is awesome.

  • Thanks so much for the lovely wallpaper photos. My husband and I dream of visiting Scotland and hoping to do so for our 20th anniversary. Your photographs inspire us. Thank you again.

    • A

      Thank you Stacey! Glad you liked the photos! Congratulations in advance for 20 years and hope you manage to make it to Scotland!

  • Barrie Crombie

    Your photographs keep reminding me of my birth home and give me great pleasure.

  • Jane Maxwell

    These pictures are all so beautiful. Don’t know which one to pick as a wallpaper. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos..
      Do you by any chance have photos of Fife,Scotland? My Scottish niece was born in Fife. Thanks

    • A

      Thanks Jane! Glad you like them! Feel free to share with others! :)

  • A

    I do have a few up on my website but much fewer than I should do Dolores! https://www.edinburghphotography.comFife/ There have been quite a few others up on my Facebook page over the last couple of years though!