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October 2015

Ben Starav at Loch Etive

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Last weekend a couple of friends and I were up in the Highlands getting some photos in the area around Glen Coe. After a long drive down Glen Etive we discovered the water was completely still, great for brilliant reflections! So I thought I would get a panorama. The Munro Ben Starav on the other side of the water made for the perfect subject!

Free Wallpapers!

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Some free wallpapers of Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland for you to download. All supplied in high resolution (1920x1080) for you to enjoy! Please don't edit these images without asking for permission. Hope you enjoy these images, feel free to direct others to this page if you think they'd like the wallpapers!

6 Photography Tips to Improve your Skills

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So you've mastered the basics and think you're doing pretty well? Want to take your photography that next step? Looking for ways to improve? I have a few photography tips here which you may find useful! They're not necessarily all specific to landscape photography but should be applicable to most types of photography. Hopefully with some of these tips you can improve your shots and get to that next level of photography ability.

Common Landscape Photography Mistakes

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I do not claim to be a landscape photography expert but I have been doing this a while and I have learned some things over the years. As with anything we learn through our mistakes and these are some of the common mistakes that beginning landscape photographers make and how you can avoid them... Some of these tips are aimed more at beginners while others will apply more to photographers of every level.

The Tolbooth Tavern

By |2018-12-30T12:20:17+00:00October 8th, 2015|Edinburgh|

One of my favourite buildings in Edinburgh and one of the most unusual...a brief history and architecture photography from different angles. I do love landscape photography but it's buildings like this that encourage me to spend my days (or nights!) exploring round the city! Of course it probably helps that this is only a few minutes away from my front door. Built in 1591, this building is well worth a visit if you're in Edinburgh!