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New WordPress Photography Blog

After much editing and fiddling with code, I’m proud to announce that my new WordPress photography blog is open for business! If you’re on this page, you’re looking at it already! You might ask…’So what?’ Good question! The benefits of this over the old photography blog page I had set up are numerous and hopefully, it will be more user-friendly for people reading! I’ve covered some of the most important reasons for setting this WordPress blog up below!

So, the main reason for me taking such a long time to copy the existing photography blog to WordPress format is because it is much more user-friendly. The new blog is:

  • Easier to comment on. No sign-up is necessary!
  • Easier to share- sharing buttons at the bottom of the post
  • Hopefully better looking! WordPress is designed for blogs primarily and is much better adapted to this purpose than the old Smugmug blog!
  • Easier for me to post, with less fiddling around with images, formatting and so on!
  • Allows for a Guestbook that again doesn’t require signing up! Easier for you to say hello!

All that said, hope you enjoy the new format and if you have any suggestions or comments then do let me know! Also bear with me through any temporary teething issues!

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  • Bennyrios

    I really appreciate all the wonderful wonderful pictures! I also enjoy the storylines! Hopefully I may get to visit along the many wonderful places, thank for your creativity! If I may add a very happy birthday to you!