Jasmine, Tom and Leo’s Gift Page

A few guests have asked about a gift list and we really can’t think of much we need – we’ve been living together a few years now and probably already have too much stuff! Don’t feel that you need to give us anything but if you really want to give us something then any gift at all is very much appreciated!

For our honeymoon (babymoon?) we are going on a trip round Scotland – if you’d rather contribute to this instead that would be very kind of you!

If you want to give us a gift

Any gift is fine! I’m sure we’ll love whatever you have picked!
If you would prefer to send a contribution to our honeymoon then you can do so either via:

    • Cash/cheque (give it to us to keep safe!)
    • Bank transfer (account details in the image below)
    • Via Paypal using the button below

    Many thanks!!!

  • Many thanks for coming to our wedding and for all your cards and gifts! They are all much appreciated!

    Jasmine, Tom and Leo


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