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Top 10 Edinburgh Photography Locations

I thought that I’d put together a short list of my 10 favourite photography locations in Edinburgh. Of course, this is fairly subjective but I thought you’d appreciate my list anyway! Let me know at the bottom if you agree/disagree or if you think I’ve missed anywhere out!
So here they are, in no specific order…

The Tolbooth Tavern

One of my favourite buildings in Edinburgh and one of the most unusual…a brief history and architecture photography from different angles. I do love landscape photography but it’s buildings like this that encourage me to spend my days (or nights!) exploring round the city! Of course it probably helps that this is only a few minutes away from my front door.
Built in 1591, this building is well worth a visit if you’re in Edinburgh!

Hidden Views of Edinburgh

There are some views of Edinburgh that are photographed time and time again. They are the views that every tourist has probably seen when they visit Edinburgh, the views you find in postcards and calendars. However, there are other spots that are perhaps less visited…and maybe not even known about by the majority of people living in Edinburgh, never mind the tourists!

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